Effective Development Group

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of International Development Aid Projects and Programmes

International Development Training Courses

EDG is part of the GRM Futures Group that includes Futures, GRM, IDL and Channel Research having a combined expertise that spans 50 years of international development and currently working worldwide with 1700 development specialists. This expertise is shared with the development community through the many international development courses that are run in our locations in Bangkok, Washington DC, Dubai, Brisbane, Brussels, Geneva and London. To learn more about each development training course click below. If you need help and assistance or have a special need or group that wants training please do contact training@grmfuturesgroup.com.

Effective Development Course Bangkok

Monitoring and Evaluation for Unstable Environments and Complex Interventions 16-18 September Brussels $ 2400
Development Innovation Workshop 8 October Brisbane $ 135
Monitoring and Evaluation 27-29 October Brisbane $ 1800
Hostile Environment Awareness for Team Members 3-4 November Manchester $ 1600
Effective Development 3-4 November Bangkok $ 1500
Monitoring and Evaluation 5-7 November Jakarta $ 1200
Social Risk Management 5-7 November Jakarta $ 2400
Development Leadership 5-6 November Bangkok $ 2100
Beyond Aid: Business and Development Conference 12 November Brisbane $ 490
Effective Development 16-17 November Dubai $ 1500
Coaching and Mentoring 16-18 November Dubai $ 2400
Certificate in Development Management 16-27 November Dubai $ 5900
Team Leadership for International Development 18-20 November Dubai $ 1900
Monitoring and Evaluation 18-20 November Dubai $ 2100
Disaster Risk Management 18-20 November Dubai $ 2400
Presenting Professionally 19-20 November Dubai $ 1400
Development Leadership 23-24 November Dubai $ 1600
Hostile Environment Awareness for Team Members 23-24 November Dubai $ 1600
Social Media and Websites for Development 23-24 November Dubai $ 1600
Recruitment and Selection for Employers 23-24 November Dubai $ 1600
Logical Framework 23-24 November Dubai $ 1400
Building a Culture of High Performance 23-24 November Dubai $ 1600
Planning Effective Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Interventions 23-27 November Dubai $ 3900
Project Management 25-27 November Dubai $ 2400
Hostile Environment Awareness Training for Team Leaders 25-27 November Dubai $ 2700
Social Risk Management 25-27 November Dubai $ 2900
Performance Management 25-27 November Dubai $ 2400
Development Innovation Workshop 27 November Dubai -
Anti-Kidnap & Targeting Indicators (AKTI) Training Course 30 November – 1 December Dubai $ 1800
Effective Development 1-2 December London $ 1600
Stakeholder Engagement for Oil and Mining Activities 1-2 December London $ 1900
Certificate in Development Management 1-12 December London $ 6500
Team Leadership for International Development 3-5 December London $ 2400
Disaster Management 3-5 December London -
Project Management 3-5 December London $ 2400
Logical Framework 8-9 December London $ 1400
Development Leadership 8-9 December London -
Hostile Environment Awareness Training for Team Leaders 8-10 December London $ 2400
Planning Effective Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Interventions 8-12 December London $ 3500
Development Impact Bonds Conference 10 December London -
Monitoring and Evaluation 10-12 December London $ 2400
Social Media and Websites for Development 11-12 December London $ 1400
Hostile Environment Awareness for Team Members 11-12 December London $ 1600
Development Innovation Workshop 12 December London -
Effective Development 8-9 January Geneva $ 1400
Monitoring and Evaluation 12-14 January Geneva $ 2400
Results Based Management 12-16 January Geneva $ 3500
Evaluation Management 15-16 January Geneva $ 1600
Collaboration 18-20 January Dubai $ 2400
Creative thinking and Innovation 25-28 January Dubai $ 3200
Employee Engagement 1-3 February Dubai $ 2400
How to Select “A” Players 8-11 February Dubai  -
Disaster Risk Management 6-8 April London $ 2500

EDG’s overall objective is to improve the effectiveness of development interventions; it focuses on developing simple methodologies and practical tools, based on common sense and participatory approaches to design and conduct M&E activities. EDG uses widely shared methodologies such as the DCED standard, Logical Framework Analysis, DAC evaluation principles and ‘the Most Significant Change’ techniques, as well as in-house developed practical tools such as the Outcome Monitoring Summary (OMS). EDG has also been instrumental in the practical development and implementation of the SIDA Reality Check Approach.

EDG’s experience in managing international development projects has afforded it well-developed, robust systems and processes to provide effective Quality Assurance (QA), project management and backstopping support. EDG is part of the GRM Futures Group and can draw on their extensive experience and scale management and accounting systems to deliver projects effectively and efficiently.

Since our establishment in 2003 EDG has conducted over 140 assignments in more than 33 countries for bilateral, multilateral, NGO and government clients. Major current clients include the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Australian Agency for International Development  now DFAT, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the European Commission (EC), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the New Zealand Agency for International Aid (NZAID), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the World Bank (WB).

A current focus of the work EDG does is to build capacity by means of running Monitoring and Evaluation Courses and Effective Development courses.